I read somewhere that you need to lose about half of your hair before it becomes noticeable.

Эссенция жень-шень и имбирь, черный кунжут, Китай

From the age of 20, I began to appear bald places, and by the age of 25 they were quite large. When I was 25 I was standing in front of a mirror, a lamp was shining from above, and for the first time I saw that I had lost half of my hair. The skin under the hair was shining, and at that moment I realized that in 5-10 years I would be bald.

I didn’t want to become bald, and I began to think how to slow down this process. After some time I found one person on the Internet, he practiced a scalp massage and various tinctures that warm up the skin and increase the flow of blood to the roots of the hair.

His idea was quiet logical: if hair falls out – it’s from lack of nutrition, you need to strengthen the blood flow to your hair and they will start to grow.

I tried to use this method, and did something like this from time to time for 5 years. I tried various tinctures, drops, and massage. I stopped to use that practices sooner or later and at the end there was only shampoo with ginseng, probably just for the reason that I liked that shampoo. I do not know if it brought any result, but at the end I began to look like this:

1 Месяц приема Миноксидила

Probably, without this shampoo would be even less.

I have some experience of using traditional medicine and this is my opinion:

There are 2 types of drugs that can be used to treat hair loss:

  1. Traditional medicine / natural remedies.
    Their advantages: natural origin, they definitely work more or less.
    Their minuses: they work very slowly, you can achieve the result with perseverance and patience. The second disadvantage – it’s not very convenient: you constantly need to put something on your head, check it is not leaking, perhaps put some kind of hat on; If you massage your head, which is very good, you should not be lazy and massage your head at least once a day, maybe buy some massage brush.
  2. Chemical remedies, for example, Minoxidil.
    Its advantages: very fast and noticeable work of the drug in comparison with natural remedies, I started to notice the changes after 4-5 months, now I take the drug for about a year, and its effect is very noticeable.

    Я с братом. Я справа
    My brother and me

    Its minuses: chemical origin, its consequences are unknown. I was worried about this and looked for feedback and examples of use on the Internet, found a few, they were all neutral, no one had problems. Finally, I found an article in Wikipedia about testing this drug and the mechanism of its work at the molecular / gene level (read here, quiet understandable written). After reading this article I stopped worrying about the side effects of Minoxidil.

I was trying to use natural remedies, and completely stopped doing it, except shampoo.

But you can try and decide for yourself how you want to stop hair loss or start growing them. Maybe you don’t need it. I know some people don’t worry with hair loss problem. I’m almost among them, I began to cut hair short and prepared for the fact that soon I’ll be bald. Traditional / natural remedies are a bit difficult for me, I’m just too lazy.

I had known about Minoxidil and decided to try, why not. A few months later I realized that Minoxidil works very well and now I continue to take it. I take one pill every morning. It is said that it is more effective to take two times a day, in the morning and in the evening, but I have 10 mg tablets. I don’t want to take 20 mg and I don’t want to divide the tablet in half and leave it until evening.

If you want to try natural remedies, try these:

  • Extract of ginger and ginseng, add 3 ml of extract for every 100 ml of shampoo. Here.
  • Chinese remedy with ginger and ginseng, sesame seeds and vitamin E. Add 3-6 ml of extract for every 100 ml of shampoo. Here.
  • This remedy increases hair’s density, hairs become thicker. Extract of ginseng, eastern thuja, vitamin E. Add 3 ml of extract per 100 ml of Shampoo, use every day or 3-4 times a week, depending on your case. Here.

My opinion about balms, tinctures, drops, oils and other methods of natural medicine: these methods definitely work more or less depending on what the cause of hair loss, and how long this reason has appeared.

They work rather slowly and to get result you have to work persevere and patiently.

The reason why I don’t use any of these methods, except for shampoo, – I just don’t want to do all this. If I didn’t get Minoxidil, I would get bald further.

But you may have your own situation, your views and so on, please try it. Maybe for you some of these methods would work better than for me. I will be happy if you get good results. Share your experience of using these methods in comments.

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