Hello! My name is Dmitry Miheev.

I realized that I’m becoming bald when I was 25. I stood in front of the mirror under the lamp and I saw that I had lost half my hairs – the skin under my hairs was shining. On the sides, above the ears it didn’t shine. At that time I thought that it would take me 10 years to become completely bald like my grandfather.

I didn’t really want to lose my hairs as I always had long hair. I thought that I would have to get used to shorter haircuts and eventually get used to the bald head.

This thought was not easy to accept, but finally I did it, and I thought I would be bald – nothing wrong with that.

At the age of 25 I already had big bald parts over the temples, they began to appear when I was 20. They are still there now and I don’t hope that someday something will appear, though my girlfriend says that small white hairs getting appeared there.

Around September 2015, I talked to a friend, he said that one of his friends was taking some hair growth medicine, I became interested and eventually bought that medicine. At the moment I’ve been taking it for about a year.

Таблетки Локсидил (Миноксидил 100%)

This is how I was looking like before I started to take this medicine. Pictures are wild a bit, but I have not others:

До приема Миноксидила
1 Месяц приема Миноксидила

This is how I look like now:

Май 2016

Initially this medicine was developed to reduce blood pressure for people who suffering from high blood pressure. But during the tests it was found out that it doesn’t affect pressure, but the hair growth activates from it.

Medicine has been patented and since that has been used for hair growth.

Read this story here.

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